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You are my tyrant.
My ultimatum.
You are simply,
All that I know.
Everything that has happened,
From then,
To now.
Knowing you,
Is all I can do.
Worshiping you,
Is my alternative.
Because I've lost God,
The moment I found you.
And I couldn't of asked it
To happen more perfectly.
I can accept it all.
Because I was naive.
Blind, frankly.
But once you found me,
I saw... light.
And you guided me onto a path,
Of yellow bricks.
You promised me,
This fairy tale life.
With unicorns and nymphs.
All of it,
Was just lies,
And I took the bait.
So let's look where this has led me:
In your arms,
Suffocated almost...
You really have become,
So possessive.
I'm starting to like it.

I find that your possessiveness,
Provides this,
Sense of security.
A blanket of protection.
And it just warms me inside.
But i generally use this feeling,
To ignore the trauma.
They cover me.
Head to toe.
It trickles off of me,
Cascading like a river,
Down my black and blue limbs.
I can't cry anymore,
My eyes are swollen shut.
Truly, I am blind.
Physically, and mentally.
And I just can't,
Leave you.
I'm too afraid,
Of rejection.
Of the loneliness.
Of the insecurity.
I will be vulnerable,
Out there,
In that cold, cruel world.
This is the better alternative.
And I just need to accept my reality,
With open arms,
And a smile on my face...

For the time being,
I will somehow,
Take your promise,
And make it my reality.
Aside from the abuse,
The screaming,
The fights,
The pain,
I will convince myself,
That I am finally living in that fairy tale,
That you used to promise me,
Back when I had all my teeth...
Call me weak.
Seriously, I beg of you.
I deserve all the torture,
Because I can't fulfill your expectations.
And I can't be more sorry.
I'm sorry.
And I completely accept this torture,
Because I am always wrong,
And you are always right.
So gag me.
Rape me.
Beat me.
Cheat on me.
Anything you please.
Because I am your doormat,
And you're allowed to walk all over me,
And simply not give a damn.
This relationship has made me,
Severely masochistic...
Well, until I decide to upload the next chapter of S.H. Academy, I have decided to fill the void with more tortured poetry :lmao: Anyways, about the poem. I really like the concept I have come up with because the word "masochist" is cool enough, not to mention that this poem is all about liking being treated like trash in a relationship. And in all honesty, I could see this happening to me. Make sure to fave, and i won't request for critiques because I am simply not getting any XD Enjoy :meow:
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YouMeAtMaydaySirens Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Student Writer
You are an amazing writer, Hun. :)
MysticalMuffinTop Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, thanks so much :meow:
YouMeAtMaydaySirens Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Student Writer
Your very welcome, Hun. :3
Kill3For3me Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
well written, I love the concept and the flow of the poem.
MysticalMuffinTop Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much :meow:
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